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Campsite Regulations of the Company Camping Resort Zugspitze GmbH for the campsite Grainau


Dear campsite guest,

we are very pleased to welcome you at the campsite Camping Resort Zugspitze and wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay. We are determined to make your time at our campsite as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible. In the interest of all present guests, we kindly ask you to avoid everything that might disturb the community. So please adhere to the following rules:


By entering the campsite, you agree to be bound by the campsite regulations and the price list. For all charges, please see the latest price list (displayed on the info board). After you have arrived, please report to the reception desk and complete a registration form. Please also register yourself even if you want to visit the site only for a short time. In case of unauthorized use (parking, stay for the night, showering and disposal of waste without permission), we will charge a fee in the amount of € 50 per commenced day and per person. The overnight stay before the barrier after the end of the reception business hours is also subject to charges. The business hours may vary depending on the season and are displayed at the reception desk. The check-in times: from 3 p.m. on. For the duration of your stay at our campsite, you will receive a chip card to enter and exit the site. For this card, we charge a deposit in the amount of € 10 (key for the private bathroom extra € 10). This deposit will be retained in case the chip card and/or the key should get lost.

Assignment of a Pitch

The reception desk staff will assign you a pitch. Please keep within the designated area with your caravan (tent, etc.) and car. A change of pitches can only be performed with the reception desk staff’s permission.  Only one motor home and/or caravan is permitted per pitch.

Rental Objects

A deposit in the amount of € 100 has to be paid cash upon arrival for all rental objects. In the event the rental objects and/or the furnishing should be damaged or heavily contaminated, the campsite will retain the deposit. In all rental objects there is a strict ban on smoking. A house pet in the rental objects is only permitted upon prior agreement with the reception desk staff.   


The campsite charges are paid on departure from 8 a.m. on or, on particular request, also on the day before the departure until 6 p.m.  The departure must take place until 11 a.m., otherwise the campsite will charge another overnight stay fee. Please leave a clean pitch. Otherwise the campsite will unfortunately have to charge you any subsequent cleaning.


In case you should leave the campsite with a larger group at the same time, we kindly ask you to inform the reception in advance so that the invoices can be prepared accordingly in order to save you longer waiting times.   


Household waste has to be disposed of in the bins provided. The leaving of bulky waste on the campsite and the misuse of the waste containers is strictly prohibited; please pay attention to our waste separation. It is exclusively permitted to dispose of domestic waste that has accrued during the stay at the campsite. This shall in particular apply to owners of a permanent pitch. Feces may only be emptied into the disposal tank in the sanitary building and/or into the disposal columns on the campsite. In the event of contravention, you will be charged with a fee in the amount of € 50.

Lost and found Items

Please bring any lost and found items to the reception desk.


Please also see arrival/access. The campsite guest is liable for his/her visitors and is responsible for the fact that any visitor has left the site until 10 p.m. or that the overnight fee is paid. Visitors are asked to park their vehicles outside the campsite.


All types of vehicles (also bicycles) may only ride on paved roads and only at walking pace. Unnecessary driving/riding has to be avoided. Pay attention to playing children!


Please treat the campsite and the facilities of the campsite with care. The campsite guest shall be liable for all damages if caused by the guest, his/her fellow travelers or visitors. The campsite operator shall only be liable for damages of culpable negligence or intention with the exception of the duty to ensure public safety. No liability will be assumed for power failures, damages due to storm and adverse weather conditions and lightning strokes and hailstorms. The campsite does not provide for the storage of valuables.


Any trade, sale and advertising of commercial, political or religious nature is basically prohibited at the campsite. Exceptions are only possible with the prior permission by the operator.   


Dogs must be kept on the leash throughout the entire site. Please take your dogs for a walk outside the premises. In case your dog should nevertheless contaminate the site, please immediately dispose of the contamination.  So-called attack dogs are generally not permitted on the premises.  Exceptions are only possible with the prior permission by the operator.  


Children under the age of 14 may only camp on the site if accompanied by a parent or guardian or a team leader with an official identification document. Applicable for children and adolescents between 14 and 17 years is the written permission of the parents or guardians. The permission should not be older than one week. 

Open Fire/Barbecue

Open fires, e.g. campfires are prohibited on the entire premises! When barbecuing with charcoal, please make sure to avoid flying sparks. Please keep a bucket filled with water available within reach. Fire extinguishers are all over the premises clearly visible. In the case of contraventions, you will immediately be expelled from the site.

Groundkeeper/Reception Desk Staff

The instructions of the groundkeeper and the reception desk staff shall generally be followed; in particular during the set-up of caravans, motor vehicles, motor homes and tents as well as in case of power and water supplies. Modifications are only possible with the groundkeeper’s and the reception desk staff’s approval. In the case of contraventions, you will immediately be expelled from the site.

Rest Periods

The night’s rest start at 10 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. The rest periods have to be adhered to. During those times, please avoid any disturbing noises, turn your radios and other devices to moderate (tent) volume and move your vehicles only in cases of emergency. The barrier will remain closed during the night’s rest.


Please treat the site and its facilities in the same way as you wish to find them. The removing of items belonging to the site or its facilities is not permitted.   


The surrounding of the pitch with trenches and enclosures is not permitted. Please make sure that nobody is endangered or impeded by guys, tent pegs, electric cables or other accessories.


Please avoid any soiling of the environment and use water, toilet paper, washing powder, current etc. sparingly. Vehicles of any kind must not be washed on the campsite. Please also avoid waste and pay attention to the separation of glass and domestic waste.  Your efforts help us reducing costs and thus being able to keep the prices stable and you also make a valuable contribution to the conservation of our environment.


In the interest of the camping community, violations of the campsite regulations are punished by a warning or a dismissal.  Grossly negligent violations such as e.g. disturbance of the night’s rest implicates an immediate ban on entering the house/site. The campsite management reserves the right to refuse the admission of people respectively to expel from the premises any guests or visitors in the event of any gross violations of the site regulations or the public peace and order.      


Grainau, 30.06.2016

Camping Resort Zugspitze GmbH

Griesener Straße 9, 82491 Grainau